Profitable & Sustainable

Profitable, fast construction systems for Residential,Commercial and Industrial projects. Precise project budgets can be achieved through modular frame building methods, therefore maximising return on investment.

Project Management

Accredited designs and technical development of various unit types. We can deliver packages for various residential and commercial projects following the Building Information Modelling process (BIM).

Super Fast  Construction

Fast Construction is to provide cost effective cutting edge technologies in Rapid Construction Business Solutions.

50 sq mtrs house completed in just 7 days! 400 sq mtrs completed in Light Steel Frame in 28 days!

The Pego System

The Pego Modular Building System is based on a sandwiched panels system with a galvanized steel frame designed for structural integrity. 

Light Steel Frame

Our Light Steel Frame buildings offer architectural design flexibility, longevity and its accurate components allow for fast constructed affordable buildings. 

ECO Friendly

Our methods deliver a number of enviromental benefits such as product longevity,easy transportation and less raw material wastage.


Sustainable Building Solutions that is Fast and Precise


Providing Fast Construction in the Construction Industry for Affordable Housing and Rapid Building Solutions


 We use offsite and onsite modular and light steel construction methods to build quality residential, commercial and industrial builds.  

Our modular and light steel construction delivers value for money, quality and a fast track building program.  With a reputation for the delivery of technologically advanced modular building solutions of excellence,  FAST CONSTRUCTION is able to offer an extensive range of alternative construction options.


These innovative living and building solutions are ideal for residential, commercial developments, residential homes, student accommodation, government and industrial stand-alone structures


FAST CONSTRUCTION building solutions are supported by Anker Projects for project excellence and are capable of rapid deployment and assembly, is cost effective and suited to either temporary or permanent use in both urban and rural locations.


The Fast Construction Advantage

Leaders in creative modular buildings systems and materials

Strong commitment to excellence in innovation and design

Quality designs in modular building technologies

Ability to offer end-to-end customised solutions

Cost Effective and affordable Building Solutions

Rapid Construction. 400 sq meters house built in 28 days

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